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Faris Kaya


Prof. Dr. Faris KAYA



Dr Kaya was born in 1953,in Erzurum, eastern province of TURKEY. He is a Turkish citizen and leaving in ISTANBUL.


He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1976 and then gained a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sussex University and lectured at Yildiz Technical University in İstanbul until recently.


He is now an active executive member of İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Science (IFCS) . This foundation is dedicated to the promotion of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi’s work, faith based commentaries of the Qur’an know as the Risale-i Nur Collection, within and outside Turkey. Dr Kaya had organized several National and International conferences and Symposiums to study deeply Nursi’s Life and Works. About 15 International Symposiums were held in İstanbul and more than 100 scholars attended from 30-40 different countries each time. On the other hand more than 70 regional conferences were held in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, USA, South Africa, India, Iran, Philippines, Chad, Nijer, Sudan, Nigeria, Bulgaria, UK, Italy, Netherland and Australia which are all organized by the local universities of the respective country in cooperation with the foundation.




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