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    Academic works on the Risale-i Nur Collection
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Challenges to Contemporary Islam: the Muslim World 100 years after Nursi’s Damascus Sermon


October 24-25, 2011

Dolan Science Center, John Carroll University


Mr. Kerim Balci Editor‐in‐Chief, Turkish Review

“Two Damascus Sermons: A hermeneutical study comparing the Arabic sermon preached in 1911 and the Turkish book published in 1951”

Dr. Mucahit Bilici Assistant Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“Division of Spiritual Labor and the Notion of Collective Personality in Said Nursi”

Dr. Vincent J. Cornell Ph.D. Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Middle East and Islamic Studies Chair, Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. Emory University

“Islam and Democracy in Light of Nursi’s Understanding of Consultation”

Rev. Drs. Marten de Vries Director Het Kruispunt (christenen in gesprek met moslims)

“The future of Muslim Christian relations in light of Nursi’s Damascus Sermon”

Dr. Lisa Hess Ph.D. Associate Professor, United Theological Seminary

“A New Muslim‐Christian Companionship? Nursi and Chalcedonian Contributions to Belief, Science, and Light in a Shared World”

Dr. Mustafa Gokcek Assistant Professor; Coordinator, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program.

Niagra University

“Nationalism and Islam within the Late Ottoman Intellectual Debates in Light of Nursi’s Writings”

Dr. Alan Godlas, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Georgia

"Resources for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the work of Said Nursi, with particular reference to the Damascus Sermon"

Dr. Sidney Griffith S. T., Ph.D. Professor, Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages. The Catholic University of America

“Nursi's Damascus Sermon: A Christian's Reading on its 100th Anniversary."

Dr. Hasan Horkuc Research Fellow in the School of Government and International Affairs. Durham University

“Yesterday and Today: Nursi’s Damascus Sermon and Its Applicability”

Dr. Faris Kaya Director, Istanbul for Center for Science and Culture

“The Concept of Morality in Light of Nursi’s Writings”

Dr. Ramazan Kilinc Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science. University of Nebraska‐Omaha.

“Islam and Underdevelopment: A Critical Dialogue between Nursi and Contemporary Scholars”

Mr. Ozgur Koca Ph.D. Candidate Claremont Graduate University

“Said Nursi’s Metaphysics of Action: The Ontology of the Divine Self‐Disclosure and the All Pervasive Movement (Faaliyet‐i Daime)”

Dr. Thomas Michel, Thouhy Chair. John Carroll University

“Said Nursi’s Theology of Hope and the State of Societies Today.”

Dr. Ebrahim Moosa Professor of Religion and Islamic Studies in the Department of Religion. Duke


“Love in Counterpoints: Ghazali and Nursi Reconsidered”

Dr. Irfan Omar Associate Professor, Department of Theology. Marquette University

“Journeying into the Faith of the Other: Interreligious Encounter as a Means to Self-realization”

Mr. Doug Penhallegon Ph.D. Candidate, Kent State University.

“The Life and Death of the “Clash” Narrative for Islamic-Western Relations, 1990-2011”

Dr. Zeki Saritoprak Professor of Islamic Studies. John Carroll University

“’Human is innately good’ Nursi’s Theology of Human Nature”

Dr. Mustafa Tuna Assistant Professor of Russian and Central Eurasian History and Culture, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies with a secondary appointment in the Department of History. Duke University

“Reconciling Observation with Revelation: Nursi’s Reading of the “Book of the Universe” and a Paradigmatic Shift in the Islamic Tradition”

Dr. Ahmet Yukleyen Croft Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology. University of Mississippi

“Religious Toleration and the Nur Movement”