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Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies



Welcome to the website of the Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies at John Carroll University. Here, you will find information about the academic courses that we offer, the community events and programs we provide, and various other activities and resources on the study of Islam. I welcome your interest in Islamic studies and invite your questions and participation regarding anything you find here.

Islam constitutes the second largest religion in the world. Today in the United States, it is the “hot topic” of the moment. American universities, in an attempt to respond to students’ tremendous demand for more information about Islam, have established a variety of institutes, centers and chairs for the academic pursuit of Islamic studies. I am pleased that John Carroll University has joined this trend and successfully established the Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies to provide its students with balanced and responsible academic information about this important topic.

Participation in the programs and courses of the Nursi Chair are open to people of all backgrounds: if you are not a currently enrolled JCU student but are interested in one of our courses, please contact the Nursi Chair for information on how you can join us.

In the current political climate, we need dialogue and understanding more than ever before. The Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies promotes such a dialogue. The Chair is named for the prominent Muslim thinker from Turkey, Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, who said, “Our heart is so full of love that there is no space for hatred to enter.” We welcome your heart to our space.


Zeki Saritoprak, Ph.D.,
Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies.