What is the reason for creation of the people of misguidance and the wisdom in it?


Third indication


QUESTION: It does not seem to be reasonable in accordance with its perfectly balanced and proper eloquence and styles that the wise Qur’an complains greatly of the people of misguidance, and frequently draws attention to them, threatening them severely. It is as if it were mobilizing armies against a powerless man. It threatens them because of a single minor action, as if they had committed thousands of crimes. Even though they are essentially poor and miserable, with no claim to any of the possession or dominion of existence, the Qur’an deals with them as if they were aggressive partners of God in His Dominion, and complains of them. What is the reason for this and the wisdom in it?

THE ANSWER: The reason and wisdom is this: since Satan and those following him follow the way of misguidance, they can cause great destruction with a minor action, and they can do many creatures great wrong with a small deed.

Consider that through some minor action or act of neglect of an insignificant duty, a man on a large, royal merchant ship of a king can cause the efforts of all those who have a duty related to the ship to go for nothing. So, the illustrious owner of the ship complains of that rebellious one and severely threatens him on behalf of all his subjects that have some connection with the ship. And he severely punishes him, considering not his insignificant action but its awful consequences, and not in his own illustrious name but in the name of the rights of his subjects.

Similarly, even with their apparently minor faults and rebelliousness, the people of misguidance, who are the party of Satan and exist on the ship of the earth together with the people of right guidance, can violate the rights of many creatures and cause their exalted duties to be fruitless. So it is pure wisdom and completely appropriate and perfectly eloquent that the Eternal Monarch complains greatly of them and severely threatens them, frequently drawing attention to their destruction as if He were mobilizing great forces against them. And it is in accordance with the requirements of the situation, which is the basis of eloquence; rather, it is eloquence itself as eloquence  is defined as speaking  (or writing) in accordance with the requirements of the situation. Such a reaction is in no way an exaggeration, which would be wastefulness in words.

It is a fact that the one who does not seek refuge in an exceptionally formidable stronghold in the face of awful enemies causing great destruction with a small act will suffer greatly. So, O people of belief! That heavenly stronghold of steel is the Qur’an. Enter it and be saved!

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi