Long Live the Shari‘a of Muhammad!

(Upon whom be blessings and peace)

Volkan No. 77

25 Safar 1327/ 5 Mart 1325/ 18 March 1909


Since the Illustrious Shari‘a proceeds from pre-eternal Divine speech, it will continue for all eternity. Our salvation from the vile tyranny of the evil-commanding soul is through reliance on Islam, by holding fast to that ‘rope most strong.’ We may profit thoroughly from true freedom by seeking help from belief. For one who is truly a slave and servant of the world’s Maker will not stoop to worshipping His creatures. Everyone is a commander in his own world and is therefore charged with the ‘greater jihad’ in it, with assuming the morality of Muhammad (Upon whom be blessings and peace), and raising to life his practices.

Rulers of this land! If you want success, conform to the Divine laws! Otherwise you will be unsuccessful. For the fact that all the known prophets appeared in the lands of Islam and the Ottomans is a sign of Divine Determining that the steam of the engine of the progress of this country’s people is religion. The flowers of these fields of Asia, Africa, and Rumelia will grow and flourish through the light of Islam.

Religion may not be sacrificed for the sake of this world. At one time the matters of the Shari‘a were given as the bribe to preserve the now defunct despotism.

Did anything other than harm result from giving up and sacrificing the matters of religion? This nation’s heart disease is weakness in religion; it will regain its health through strengthening it.

The way of our society is love for love and enmity towards enmity. That is, assisting love between Muslims and routing the soldiers of hostility.

Our way is also to adopt the morality of Muhammad (Upon whom be blessings and peace) and revive his practices. Our guide is the Illustrious Shari‘a, our sword its decisive proofs, and our aim to uphold the Word of God. All believers are in meaning members of our society, while formal membership is by making determined effort to raise to life in one’s own world the Prophet’s practices. First of all, in the name of the Shari‘a, we call on the religious scholars, shaykhs, and students of the religious schools, who are the guides of the general public, to unite.


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