Islamic unity


QUESTION: What do you understand by the term Islamic unity?

ANSWER: Look to the foundations or embroidery of Islamic unity: in it are fused the innocent courage and chivalry that originate from modesty and patriotic zeal, the innocent smile engendered by respect and compassion, the spiritual beauty resulting from goodness, elegance, and generosity of spirit, the heavenly joy issuing from innocent love and ever-fresh enthusiasm, the transcendental pleasure springing from lofty sorrow and sinless exhilaration, and the sacred adornment that comes from abstract beauty and brilliant grace. The luminous color resulting from this fusion represents the image of the seven colors of the rainbow of the elevated arch of the Ka‘ba of happiness, in which the east and west join together.

However, such unity is not possible with ignorance; unity is the harmony of ideas, which comes about through the electric light of knowledge and education.


(From Munazarat [“Discussions”])

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi