Taking action for the sake of the Religion


They asked me: “You see that irreligion is spreading; is it not necessary to take action to serve the Religion?”

ANSWER: Yes, it is necessary, but provided what urges us to come forward in the name of Religion is love of Islam and religious zeal. If the motive is politics and partisanship, it is dangerous. If we err in the first case, it will be forgivable, but even if we succeed in the second case, we will be responsible for the consequences.

They asked: “How are we to understand whether the motive is politics or love of Islam?”

ANSWER: Whoever prefers their transgressing, sinful fellow-partisan to their religious political opponent due to political pretexts, their motive is politics. Also, if due to a monopoly of views one presents the Religion, to which all Muslims belong, as restricted to fellow-partisans, it will arouse opposition to the Religion in a powerful majority and cause the Religion to be disfavored. This shows that the motive is politics. One can serve the Religion by guiding people to the Religion, encouraging them to observe it, and reminding them of their religious duties. Accusing some people of irreligion means pushing them to attack the Religion. The Religion should not be used for negative motives or negative ends within a Muslim land.

(From Sunuhat (“Occurrences to the Heart”)

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi