The present condition of medreses and religious scholars


QUESTION: The religious scholars have been much disparaged …?

ANSWER: If a scholar does not have the mildness required by learning, condemning knowledge due to the faults that arise from a lack of mildness in a scholar is idiocy. So, if it is not idiocy, what is it then to condemn the scholars who always, according to their capacities, inculcate the sacredness of Islam, communicate the decrees or the commands of Islam, and now deserve the greatest respect, love, and compassion among Muslim people because there are no scholars of the same caliber at the present time?

We have suffered no harm because of the existence of religious scholars, but we have suffered harm due to a lack of scholars we need. At the present time, those of high intelligence have preferred the schools of sciences; the wealthy ones have not consented to the livelihood of the medreses. Since the medreses have been left deprived of the necessary organization, the required standard of learning, and an outlet in the modern world, they have not been able to raise the scholars that are needed by our time. Never dislike the scholars; disliking them is a great fault and dangerous.

(From Munazarat [“Discussions”])


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi