How can Muslims recover and preserve their honor?


QUESTION: How can we gather our power and preserve our national (Islamic) honor?

ANSWER: Make a large pool of knowledge, skills, and love in the bosom of the nation with Islamic nationalism. Plug the leaks and holes at the bottom with education. Open canals to let water flow into it with Islamic virtues. There is a great fountain; its water has so far been directed to deserts, and has fed some beggars and impotent ones. Build a beautiful canal from this fountain, and fill this with the produce of your work in accordance with the Shari‘a, and allow the water to flow into the pool. Water your garden of perfections with it. This is an inexhaustible source.

QUESTION: What is that fountain?

ANSWER: It is the Zakah. You have intelligence; it will blossom through the Zakah.


ANSWER: If the intelligent spend the zakah of their intelligence, and the rich spend the zakah of their wealth on the interests of the nation, our nation will catch up with other nations.

QUESTION: What else?

ANSWER: The payments made in the fulfillment of promises or vows and charities are the cousins of Zakah; they will help with this service.

QUESTION: Why do you disparage many of our established customs?

ANSWER: There is a rule for every age. This age sentences certain old customs to death. As their harm is greater than their benefit, they should be executed.

QUESTION: What is most necessary for us?

ANSWER: Truthfulness.

QUESTION: What else?

ANSWER: Not to tell lies.

QUESTION: And then?

ANSWER: Trustworthiness, sincerity, faithfulness, steadfastness, and solidarity.

QUESTION: Only these?



ANSWER: Unbelief is a lie, while belief is truth. Is this not proof enough that our survival is possible through belief, truthfulness, and solidarity?


(From Munazarat [“Discussions”])

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi