A faultless government is impossible


QUESTION: How can good cause evil?

ANSWER: Demanding what is impossible is to do oneself evil. One who takes off from a mountain in order to fly is smashed into pieces. People wish for an innocent, faultless government. But it is not possible even for an individual to remain or become faultless at this time. How, therefore, can a government, especially if its parts are composed of sins, become faultless? So we should consider whether the good of the government outweighs its evils. It is impossible for there to be a faultless government. I deem people who wish for an innocent government to be anarchists. For if – God forbid! – one of them were to live a thousand years and see every form of government, they would not be satisfied. They would try to destroy any form with the inclination to destruction that arises from their fancy.

(From Munazarat [“Discussions”])


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi