The cures


That is, we should have strong hope and unshakeable confidence in God’s Mercy. Based on the lesson I have learned, O Muslim community, I give the glad tidings and pronounce with such certainty as to make the whole world hear that the future will be Islam’s exclusively. For all the truths of Islam have the innate ability to develop both materially and spiritually. History, which records events in the human realm, is the most truthful witness of this truth. It shows us – as professed by the Japanese commander who defeated the Russians – that the Muslims have progressed to the extent of their adherence to the truths of Islam and have derived their power from the strength of these truths, while they have declined to the extent of their weakness in following them. The reverse of this reality is true for other religions. Their followers have progressed to the extent of their weakness in adherence to their religions and suffered revolutions and decline in proportion to their attachment.

No period of history, from the Age of Happiness until now, tells us that a Muslim has preferred another religion over Islam with their sound reasoning and entered that religion based on sound proof. It is true that there have been some who have left Islam; but this has been through imitation and is of no importance. However, the followers of other religions – even some from among the British and Russians, who are most attached to their religion – have continuously entered the fold of Islam in throngs based on sound proof and through sound reasoning. If we demonstrate through our acts the perfections of Islamic morality and the truth of Islam, the followers of other religions will continue to enter it in greater numbers; even some entire regions and countries of the earth will accept it.

Moreover, humankind has awakened through the warning of sciences, wars and other terrible events, and has come to comprehend the true nature of humanity and perceived its comprehensive capacity. So people cannot be human and live without religion. The irreligious among humanity have been obliged to take refuge in religion. For our only point of reliance and support in the face of our essential weakness and the wounds of external hostilities and calamities, and our only point of seeking help in the face of our essential poverty and limitless needs and desires that extend toward eternity is the recognition of the Maker of the universe, and believing in and confirming Him and the Hereafter.

Humanity has also come to understand that with such a comprehensive essence, they have not been created for this brief, tumultuous worldly life. They are destined for an eternal life; they have desires and tendencies that extend toward eternity. Everyone has come to feel that the fleeting, narrow world is not sufficient for the realization of our limitless desires and aspirations. If the power of imagination, which is a servant of humanity, is told, “You will be given a million years of life as the king of all humankind but you will finally be executed for eternity, without revival,” the imaginative faculty of one who has not lost their true humanity will utter sighs of regret and weep for the non-existence of an eternal life of happiness.

It is for these most substantial realities that everyone has begun to perceive a tendency deep in their heart to seek a true religion. First of all, they are seeking a truth in the true religion on which they can rely against the execution of death, so that they may save themselves.

In short, we Muslims, who are the students of the Qur’an, follow proof and accept the truths of belief with our reason, intellect, and heart. Unlike some members of other religions, we do not abandon proof and blindly imitate religious leaders. Therefore, in the future, when reason, sciences, and knowledge will dominate, it will be the Qur’an, the decrees and propositions of which are all confirmed by reason, that will certainly rule.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi