Part Three

Arguments on the Condition of Muslims and How to Improve It


The diseases from which Muslims suffer and their cures

I have been studying at the university of human social life at the present time, and come to realize that while the Europeans are flying high into the future in material progress, the following six obstacles have kept us in the middle ages in respect of material development:

The first is the revival of despair within us.

The second is the death of truthfulness and honesty in political and social life.

The third is loving hostility.

The fourth is the ignorance of the spiritual bonds that connect the believers to one another.

The fifth is oppression that spreads throughout all aspects of life like a contagious disease.

The sixth is the restriction of exertions to personal interests.

I will explain the cures for these six terrible diseases in our social life with the six words I have received from the pharmacy of the Qur’an, which is like a school of medicine.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi