Table of Contents


Preface: Bediüzzaman Said Nursi & Prescriptions for a Healthy Social Life


Seeds of truth


Gleams of truth or flowers from the seeds of truth

The supplicant

Two supreme proofs of Divine Unity

Causes are purely apparent

Existence is not restricted to the physical world

The universality of the Pen of Power demonstrates Divine Unity

Nothing can exist without the existence of everything

The sun’s motion is for gravity and gravity provides the stability of the solar system

Small things are interconnected to larger things

There is a supreme miraculousness in the order of the universe

Everything is equal before the Divine Power

One who cannot hold the universe in his hand cannot create a particle

Raising a species to life is the same as raising an individual to life

Nature is Divine art

The conscience recognizes God through its attraction

The innate disposition given by the Creator speaks the truth

Prophethood is essential for humankind

The Ascension was for the angels what the splitting of the moon was for humankind

The proof of the affirmation of faith is within it

Life is a manifestation of unity

The spirit is a law clothed in external existence

Existence without life is like non-existence

Thanks to life, an ant is greater than the earth

Christianity will follow Islam

A partial or indirect view sees the impossible as possible

The Qur’an requires mirrors, not someone to act as a deputy

The falsifier of the truth adopts the false as true

The mirrors of the Divine Power are numerous

There are various sorts of representation

One qualified to make ijtihad may deduce a new law for himself, but he cannot be a law-giver

The light of reason comes from the heart

The levels of knowledge in the mind are variable and can be confused

Undigested knowledge should not be imparted to others

Destruction is easy, thus the weak are destructive

Force must serve right

Sometimes opposites contain opposites

Politics based on self-interest is bestial

Since human faculties have not been restricted in creation, their crimes are great

Sometimes good leads to evil

The absence of an objective strengthens egotism

A life of revolutions has sprung from the death of Zakah and a life of usury

If humankind prefers life, it must put to death usury of every sort

Humankind has demolished slavery; it will demolish wage-earning as well

An unlawful way leads to the opposite of what was intended

There is a grain of truth in both the Jabriyya and the Mu‘tazila

Only the incapable seek solace in impotence and complaints

If one on a rope fights with another on the ground, the one on the rope will lose

An ambiguous proposition cannot be a universal one

Sometimes little things have greater outcomes

For some people a moment is a year

A lie is a word of unbelief

In an assembly in the World of Representations or Ideal Forms

Rust-covered guidance is still a diamond

Ignorance takes a metaphor for a fact

Exaggeration is implicit denigration

Fame is oppressive

Those who suppose the Religion and life to be separable are the cause of disaster

Death is not as terrifying as imagined

Politics is diabolical in people’s minds; one should seek refuge in God from this

Weakness emboldens the enemy; God may try His servants, but they cannot try Him

Islamic politics should proceed from Islam; politics should not be instrumental for others. Partisanship causes hearts to be divided, not united

Do not overdo those things you like

The eye of obstinacy perceives an angel as a devil

You sometimes receive help from places you did not expect

The catalyst of the life of a community is sound and sincere solidarity

Even if non-acceptance is your right, refutation is not

One should follow the majority of Muslims

After finding what is right, do not cause discord for the sake of something better

Islam is peace and reconciliation; it wants no dispute or hostility within

There is great wisdom in the creation and combination of opposites: the sun and a minute particle are equal in the hand of Power

Multiplicity manifests unity on either side of it

If you have any merits or qualities, let them remain under the dust of concealment, so they may flourish

It is mistaken to feel mercy or wrath greater than God’s

Worldly recompense proves punishment in the Hereafter

The ease of humankind is inversely proportionate to one’s will and power; Provision is a broad, gradually-assembled body

The lawful provision of carnivorous animals

Wastefulness leads to dissipation, dissipation leads to poverty

The sense of taste is an informer; do not seduce it with pleasures

Like intention, point of view may transform habitual actions into worship

Merely naming something is sometimes a reason to substitute full knowledge of it

At this time, the Shari‘a does not permit affluence

Your pleasure lies in your pain and your pain in your pleasure

Sometimes the absence of bounty is a bounty

There is a bounty in every calamity

Do not appear important, or you will be degraded

If qualities change places, their natures change

“The truth prevails” is true both in itself and in respect of the consequences

Some social principles

Low civilization has destroyed respect toward women

Tendency toward expansion which does not exist in the pious is a tendency to corruption and destruction

The scope of Divine Power rejects intermediaries and helpers

The angels are a community charged with the Shari‘a of the creation and the operation of the universe

As matter is refined, life is intensified

Materialism is a spiritual plague

There is nothing idle in existence; an idle person works on account of non-existence

Usury and interest are absolutely harmful to Islam

The Qur’an defends itself and perpetuates its authority

Rather than instruction in theoretical matters, it is necessary to remind people of Islam’s explicit, incontestable essentials

The Prophetic sayings (hadiths) say to the Qur’an’s verses: It is not possible to reach you!

A concise explanation of the Qur’an’s miraculousness

The fanciful, lust-exciting, genius-impressing, earthly hand of Western literature cannot equal the healing, light-scattering, guiding, heavenly, eternal literature of the Qur’an

There are two viewpoints, one dark, the other illuminating

Branches offer fruit in the name of Mercy

An explanation of the three ways indicated at the end of Suratu’l-Fatiha

All true pain is in misguidance, and all true pleasure in belief: a mighty truth dressed in imagination

A mystery of the repetitions in the Qur’an

Each of the four senses of the spirit has an ultimate purpose

There is no creative power in existence save God

A comparison between the treatment of their saints by Islam and Christianity

A significant difference between ecstatic love and knowledge

There is a great pleasure in the activities in the universe

A minority burns in the fire that has been lit to burn the majority. Otherwise, if responsibility loses its meaning, the wisdom in testing is lost

Weakness is sometimes tyrannical

Greed is the cause of deprivation

What becomes a Muslim is justice and fairness for God’s sake, not egotistical criticism

Self-esteem comes from weakness and leads to misguidance: it is deviance among one’s comrades, while it is steadfastness against the misleading incitements of hostile unbelievers

The degree of the wickedness of backbiting

Muslim transgressors are not like the transgressors of other religions; our morality subsists by our Religion

A believer pays respect to their elders, has compassion for those younger than them, and love and magnanimity for their peers

This tremor in humankind, the shaking of Muslim societies, will remove the humiliation caused by the tremor and give them stability

The answer to the Anglican Church

Rather than the general gravity, it is the spiritual gravity of the Qur’an which preserves our globe

Thinking that the covering is the essence means losing the essence prayer should not be made for something impossible and should not contain sinful words


Arguments on the condition of Muslims and how to improve it

The diseases from which Muslims suffer and their cures

The cures

The first word or cure is hope and aspiration

The eight obstacles before Islam’s full dominion in the past

The five powers that reinforce Muslims

The second word or cure

The third word or cure

The fourth word or cure

The fifth word or cure

The sixth word or cure

Two cardinal causes for Europe’s development

Why at this time are the Muslims poor?


Getting out of the dungeon of inactivity


Those who do not value Constitutionalism

A faultless government is impossible

The true meaning of freedom

Can there be equality between Muslims and non-Muslims?

Does the Qur’an forbid loving Christians and Jews?

Should the Christians not be addressed as unbelievers?

Positive and negative nationalism

Response to the propaganda of unjust infidels

No Muslim would abandon Islam through sound reasoning

A Qur’anic principle of absolute justice and human capacity for great wrongdoing

The absolute dominion of the Qur’an Books on Islam must be binoculars through which we examine the Qur’an

What should be done for the desired future of the Kurds and Turks?

How can Muslims recover and preserve their honor?

The present condition of medreses and religious scholars

On differences and disagreements among the scholars of the Muslim world

Different types of leaders, chieftains, religious scholars, and guides

Awakening spiritual guides

Taking action for the sake of the Religion

Belief and love, faithfulness, and Islamic patriotism and zeal

Islamic unity



Miscellaneous matters

The testimony of human conscience to God the Almighty

The ways to attain knowledge of the Creator

Polygamy and slavery in the sight of the Shari‘a

In the face of rejecting the existence of a hadith

Criticism, particularly in religious matters