In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.


O humanity! You are poor before God and in absolute need of Him. (35:15)

Flee unto God. (51:50)


O FAILING, HELPLESS, POOR SAID! With respect to your selfhood, you are constantly imperfect and have infinite helplessness and poverty, need and desire. As you are given hunger and thirst in order to know and experience the pleasure of the Almighty’s bounties, you are loaded with failure and poverty, impotence and neediness so that you should view the lofty works of the All-Glorified’s Perfection through your failure. Use your poverty to measure His Wealth and Mercy, your impotence, His Power and Grandeur, your need, and the variety of His bounties and favors.

You were created to serve (Him), which means declaring your failure before the door of His Mercy with: “I ask God for forgiveness” and “All glory be to God”; your poverty with: “God is sufficient for us” and “All praise be to God,” and begging from Him; and your impotence with: “There is no power and strength save with Him” and “God is the Greatest,” and by asking Him for help. Thus the Beauty and Grace of His Lordship are seen in the mirror of your servanthood.


* * *


Said Nursi