The Qur’an as the second proof for God’s Existence and Unity



The Qur’an is another witness of God’s necessary Existence and Oneness, an expounder of His Majesty, Beauty, Grace, and Perfection. It holds the meaning of the consensus of all heavenly Scriptures sent to all Prophets, as well as the meaning of the unanimous agreement of the books of all saints and authenticating monotheist scholars.34 Those with sound reason and conscience, and truly enlightened intellects, have affirmed the commandments of the Qur’an, which is enlightening in all aspects.

The Qur’an is the Word of God. Those honored by the Divine Revelation, inspiration, and the ability to unveil hidden truths affirm that it is pure Revelation, pure guidance, and the source of belief containing all truths. It leads to happiness and continuously yields perfect fruit. Angels, uncountable people, and jinn have accepted and adopted it. Those with reason, wisdom, sound judgment, and conscience have agreed that the Qur’an is confirmed with rational proofs and the testimony of good character and disposition. It is an eternal miracle, the tongue of the Unseen, and bears witness in the visible, material world to the fact that there is no god but God.

This great Book (of the Universe), with all its chapters, sections, pages, lines, sentences, and letters testifies to God’s necessary Existence and Oneness, and His Attributes of Majesty, Beauty, Grace, and Perfection. This is also true of this macro-human being (the cosmos), with all its systems, organs, cells, atoms, attributes, and states.

Through its worlds and spheres it says that there is no god but God, and through those worlds’ main constituents it says that there is no creator but He. Through those constituents’ parts it says that there is no maker but He, and through those parts’ components it says that there is no director but He. Through those components’ elements it says that there is no giver of certain form and disposition but He, and through those elements’ cells it says that there is none but He with the necessary power of ordering and disposing them. Through those cells’ atoms or minutest particles it says that there is no Creator but He, and through the ocean of ether in which all atoms or particles are “sown” it says there is no god but He.

In sum: The universe, with all of its species, worlds, spheres, constituents, parts, components, atoms, and ether, testifies in 55 languages to the Eternal Designer’s necessary Existence and Unity.


Said Nursi

34 The meaning of the consensus: The effect, support, affirmation that all Divine truths contained in previous Scriptures are found in the Qur’an and corroborate its truth. The meaning of the unanimous agreement: All truths contained in the books of saints and scholars are derived from the Qur’an, and therefore prove its Divine authorship or origin. (Tr.)