The Third Treatise


Arguments for the Resurrection


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.


ALL PRAISE BE TO GOD, TO WHOSE NECESSARY EXISTENCE AND UNITY all atoms and compounds of the universe testify with the tongue of their helplessness and poverty [before God]. Peace and blessings be upon His Prophet, the discoverer of creation’s secrets and the key to its signs [of God’s Existence and Unity], his fellow Prophets and Messengers, the angels nearest to God, and the righteous servants of God who live in the heavens and on Earth.

There is a fundamental, close relationship between the six pillars of belief, so much so that one cannot be considered without the others. Believing in one requires believing in the others. Given this, without proceeding to explain the arguments for the Resurrection, it is proper to expound briefly some arguments for God’s Existence and Unity and the Prophet’s Messengership.32


Some arguments for God’s Existence and Unity


KNOW, O FRIEND, that those who follow naturalism and adhere dogmatically to causality find the door of thanksgiving [to the Creator] closed and the door of associating partners with Him opened. Associating partners with, unbelief in, and ingratitude to God are based on a foundation of impossibilities, for:


  • The One Who creates a fruit with all of its art and meaning can create and govern Earth

If people awaken from their ignorance and analyze their unbelief according to true scientific knowledge, they must acknowledge that they have attributed functions and missions to one minute particle that it cannot fulfill. For example, they will have to admit that each atom contains millions of machines and can produce all subtleties of art found in all creatures. Each air particle can enter all plants and flowers, trees and fruits, and work therein. If it is said that these particles do not work in the name of One in Whose hand is the kingdom of all things, then each particle must have full knowledge of whatever it enters.

Consider a fruit. It is a miniature of the whole tree, and its seed is like the page upon which the tree’s life-history is inscribed. Also, it is connected with all members of its species as well as the whole Earth. Therefore, by virtue of the greatness of its art and meaning, the art of one fruit is as great as that of Earth. Thus the One Who creates a fruit with all of its art and meaning can create and govern Earth.


  • Destiny draws outlines or plans according to the purposes assigned to it by Wisdom, and Power builds it accordingly

KNOW, O FRIEND, that everything has two aspects: its visible form, which resembles a garment made specifically for the functions and purposes assigned to it, and its immaterial aspect, which comprises all forms it will assume during its life. This is like a circle formed by something with light attached to one end spinning around itself at high speed. An item’s immaterial aspect is, in one respect, its life-history determined by Destiny, which we call “fate” or the “destiny of things.” Both aspects contain wise purposes for the item’s existence and life. The material aspect requires Power, while Destiny determines its shape and growth. In other words, Destiny draws outlines or plans according to the purposes assigned to it by Wisdom, and Power builds it accordingly.


  • Denying God’s Existence and Unity means attributing to every atom and natural cause as much knowledge and power as to create the whole universe

Those who refer to true scientific knowledge and truth must admit, through their ingratitude and unbelief, that every minute particle and “natural” cause has enough knowledge to produce garments for everything that exists, as well as for the forms they will assume during their growth. It also must have as much power as necessary to renew continually all garments torn up by the “thorns” of events over time. Even human beings, the fruit of the Tree of Creation and supposedly the most powerful cause, the most knowledgeable, and having the most comprehensive willpower, let alone minute particles, cannot fashion a suitable garment for a thorny tree. However, the All-Wise Maker clothes it in ever-new garments while it grows, and makes its green, richly decorated and perfectly fitting garments swiftly and easily. All glory be to Him, Who brings what He wills into existence by saying to it “Be!” and it is. Glory be to Him in Whose hand is the dominion of all things, and unto Him you are returning (36:82-83).

KNOW, O FRIEND, that everything bears a stamp and seal particular to the One, Besought-of-All, and has signs testifying that He is its Maker and Owner. Out of the innumerable stamps of His Oneness and seals of His being the Eternally-Besought-of-All, look at the “stamp” seen during spring.


  • Perfect artistry despite abundance; perfect order despite absolute ease; perfect measure, proportion, and firmness despite incredible speed; perfect individualization despite world-wide distribution; the highest price and value despite the greatest economy; and perfect distinguishment despite absolute mixedness and similarity point to the One, Single Creator

On Earth’s surface, we observe acts of ever-original and purposeful creation. These occur in infinite abundance together with beautiful and perfect artistry; with absolute ease and in perfect order and arrangement; at incredible speed with no loss of proportion, firmness, or substantiality; and in an infinite distribution of species together with each individual’s infinite beauty. These acts occur with the greatest economy or lowest cost imaginable, yet every individual is priceless, and unique while having the highest correspondence and similarity between and among species despite the vast distances of time and space. They are in balance with an absolute variety, a perfect individualization of characters and features though generated from similar or even the same materials, structural principles, and organization.

Each thing is enough to manifest the stamp discussed, for the infinite abundance together with beautiful, ordered artistry is particular to Him Who has infinite power and Who is not distracted or prevented from doing many things at once. The absolute ease in perfect order and arrangement is particular to Him for Whom nothing is difficult and Who has infinite knowledge. The extraordinary speed that does not affect firmness and proportion is particular to Him to Whose Power and Command everything is submitted.

The vast distribution of species in which each individual’s infinite beauty is maintained is particular to Him Who is unconfined by space, but near everything through His Power and Knowledge. Each individual’s wonderful economy and abundance, which is of immeasurable value, is particular to Him Who is infinitely rich and disposes of inexhaustible treasures.


  • The firm coherence, perfect correspondence despite vast distances, and perfect individualization of characters despite being formed of the same material, show the Creator having absolute Will, Power, and Knowledge

The coherence of the members of various species, despite the uniqueness of each individual and without the least confusion and fault, is particular to Him Who sees all things and is a witness over them. He can do many things at once, and hears the petition of all things simultaneously without becoming confused.

The perfect correspondence and similarity in structure and form among species despite vast distances in time and space, and in balance with an absolute variety as if each member expects the order to be given to it by a single director, is particular to Him. Via His Knowledge, Power, and Wisdom, He disposes of Earth as He wills.

Each creature, though generated from similar or even the same materials, has unique characters and features, and their structural principles and organization are particular to Him Who has absolute Will and freedom of choice. Each creature’s perfect structure and beauty, despite the vast abundance of species, is particular to One Whose Power is so absolute and inclusive that atoms and galaxies are the same for Him.

While each of these points is enough to manifest the stamp of Divine Oneness, they present a forceful display of the stamp of Divine Oneness when considered together as a single act formed one within the other. Based on this, we can understand the meaning of: Assuredly, if you should ask them who created the heavens and Earth, they will surely say, “God” (39:38). That is, when intellectually and logically awakened to this reality, unbelievers cannot help but admit God’s Existence and Creative Power.


Belief in God requires believing in Messengership


KNOW, O FRIEND, that belief in God, the Prophet, Resurrection, and affirming the universe’s existence require mutual belief. There is a perfect relation between these pillars of belief, for believing in one requires believing in the others. The universe explains the absolute necessity of God’s Existence, and God’s Existence requires Messengership and the other world.

It is impossible for such a book, especially one in which each word is as meaningful as a separate book and each letter of which is like a eulogy, to have no writer. The existence of this Book of the Universe cannot be explained if there is no Eternal Designer. Just as a building containing marvels of art, exquisite designs, and wonderful decorations cannot exist without an architect and a builder, this world cannot exist without its Maker.

Images of the sun reflected in transparent things, as well as in bubbles on rivers and seas, and in drops of water and snowflakes, can be explained only by attributing them to the sun. Otherwise, we would have to accept the existence of as many suns as there are drops of water, bubbles, and snowflakes. The existence of this ever-changing and ever-renewed universe can be explained only by the necessary existence of its Creator and Builder. He planted this awesome tree according to the principles of His Will and Wisdom, elaborated it according to the prescripts of His Destiny and Decree, ordered it according to the demands of His custom and manner of acting, decorated it in accordance with the gifts of His Favor and Mercy, and illuminated it by manifesting His Names and Attributes.

Each living part of creation is like a miniature of the whole, and therefore the Creator of that part can create the whole. Denying the existence of One Creator means that there are as many divinities as there are atoms and compounds in the universe.


  • God manifests Himself through Messengers

Just as the sun diffuses light, God manifests Himself through Messengers. Infinitely perfect Beauty cannot fail to make Itself known through a teaching Messenger; infinitely beautiful art cannot fail to draw attention to Itself through a herald who describes It; and the sovereignty of an all-encompassing Lordship must proclaim, through one raised with the principles of happiness in both worlds, Its Oneness and Its being the Eternally-Besought-of-All.

Infinite Beauty demands universal servanthood—beautiful ones to observe Its subtleties and love It; eyes to gaze upon It with appreciation; and the existence of a beloved servant (a Messenger) who will love It, make It loved by others, and through whom It can make Itself known. Thus the Messenger, through his servanthood, functions as a mirror reflecting the Beautiful One and, through his Messengership, calls others to observe Him. A treasure replete with miracles and most precious jewels will be exhibited by a goldsmith, who will describe it with all of its hidden subtleties.

Apart from our master Muhammad, who else has possessed all these qualities [to make the Lord of the Worlds known by all conscious beings]? Our master Muhammad is the most perfect, noble, and virtuous person. He is the king of Messengers, of those who make the Divine Being known, manifest His Beauties, and convey His commands. It is they who observe His miracles and bring others to observe them, worship Him and guide others to His worship, and love Him and draw others to love Him. May the most meritorious of blessings and peace, as long as Earth and heavens subsist, be upon him, them, and their families


Arguments for the Resurrection


Consider the irrefutable arguments for the Resurrection and the afterlife. A just ruler must reward obedient subjects and punish rebellious ones. This is even more true when the ruler:

  • Is infinitely munificent, controls infinite treasures, and whose awesome might is the source of infinite honor and dignity.
  • Has boundless Mercy requiring boundless graciousness, and Majesty demanding the chastisement of those who slight it.
  • Has exalted Wisdom requiring the preservation of His Sovereignty by treating kindly those who take refuge in it, and absolute Justice demanding the maintenance of His Glory by protecting His subjects’ rights.
  • Has infinitely vast treasures and absolute Generosity requiring a permanent abode of feasting and the permanent existence of those in need of His treasures.
  • Has secret Perfections demanding to be manifested to those who fully appreciate them.
  • Has peerless beauty and incomparable subtlety of Benevolence that require being watched by others in “mirrors,” which, in turn, requires the permanent existence of those who will gaze on them with yearning, wonder, and appreciation (permanent beauty and grace are not content with impermanent lovers).
  • Has so much Compassion that He helps all in need, answers all who petition Him, and fulfills His subjects’ needs, no matter how insignificant. Given this, He will gratify His favorite’s need, especially if it is the need of all and is easy to meet.
  • Has a small hospice (an ever-changing testing-ground) filled and emptied daily with His subjects, despite His Sovereignty’s infinite splendor. They stay only for a short time in that place, which displays the marvels of the Ruler’s art and Favor and is continually transformed. The implication is that behind this hospice, testing-ground, and place of exhibition are permanent palaces, everlasting abodes, and open treasuries filled with the original items.
  • Is infinitely meticulous in His sovereign duties. He records and wants to have recorded everything that occurs in His kingdom. This means that one day he will call His subjects, especially the leading ones, to account. He will manifest fully His Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Power, Justice, and Dignity.
  • Makes repeated promises that He can carry out easily and that have profound significance for His subjects. He cannot break even one, for that would contradict His rule’s glory and dignity.
  • Has Messengers who agree unanimously that the center of His mighty Sovereignty is far from us, and that this world’s transient mansions will be exchanged for everlasting palaces (in the next world). Such a magnificent, permanent Sovereignty cannot be based on what is perishable, changeable, and transitory.
  • Provides in this transitory world samples of many permanent worlds.
  • Thus these gatherings and separations are not ends in themselves, but are rehearsals to be copied and preserved with their results. Proceedings in that vast place of gathering will be according to the consequences engendered by these rehearsals.
  • Manifests in these decaying mansions, perishable grounds, and transitory places of exhibition the works and traces of His Wisdom, Favor, Justice, and Mercy. Anyone with discernment must conclude that one cannot find a more perfect wisdom, a more liberal favor, a more encompassing mercy, and a more glorious justice than His.
  • For His Wisdom, Favor, Mercy, and Justice to be manifested, each with Its essential or original truth, the center of His Sovereignty must contain permanent lofty abodes, everlasting elevated mansions, and inhabitants to reside in them eternally. Otherwise, one would have to deny this Wisdom, Favor, Mercy, and Justice. Moreover, the doer of these acts, the owner of these instances of wisdom and munificence, would have to be considered a playful, capricious, and unjust tyrant. This, in turn, would require transforming truths into their opposites, which is inconceivable to those with sound judgment and reasoning but not to those who, like the sophists, deny the existence of everything, including themselves.
  • Can transfer His subjects from these transitory mansions to the seat of His permanent Sovereignty, and displays uncountable signs that this temporary ground will be exchanged for a perpetual one.
  • Has created this world but not the next one (the Hereafter), whereas the sovereignty of His Lordship requires reward and punishment.
  • Has a vast Munificence that demands a commensurate giving of favor and reward, and an immense Might and Dignity that require infinite sensitivity and zeal [to preserve that Dignity]. (This world cannot fulfill even a minute portion of what such a degree of Munificence and Dignity require.)
  • Has a Mercy that encompasses all things. Each mother’s compassion, as well as the easy provision of sufficient food to all plants and weak and young animals, are but a single radiation of this Mercy. Such Mercy requires a commensurate bestowing of favor and benevolence. Consider the ephemerality of those It favors and provides for in this world, which is but a drop from the infinite ocean of that Mercy. If that Mercy did not manifest Itself fully in another world, then favor and beneficence, blocked in this world and without hope of becoming unblocked, would change into a cause of distress and suffering.
  • Compassion [for things bound to eternal extinction] is, in fact, a suffering, and love for them a desperate concern. The intellect [which brings to mind past pains and future anxieties] is, in its short life, a torment and passing pleasure, for with no hope of eternity it turns into pain. Denying eternal life means denying this Mercy, and is the same as denying the sun that fills the world with its light every day.
  • Has a Majesty and Glory that require punishing those who disrespect them and destroying those who disparage them. His destruction of earlier rebellious peoples shows that He gives respite but does not neglect them. His actions show that He gives the greatest importance to His commands and prohibitions.
  • Makes Himself known and loved through perfect, well-proportioned, and beautiful things, such as lovely flowers. He shows His Mercy through the attractive fruits therein. For those who deny Him their belief, worship, and respect, He has prepared an abode of punishment at the seat of His eternal Lordship.
  • From the purposes and benefits He has attached to everything, as well as the order and beauty of art He displays in all creatures, we may conclude that the wisdom behind His acts requires the rewarding of those who obey and seek refuge in Him. He places everything in its proper place, gives everything its due, and answers each supplication made by a member of His creation. And so we may deduce that He dispenses an absolute, true Justice that requires preserving the glory of His Kingdom and Lordship, and protecting the rights of His subjects in a supreme tribunal. Since this transient abode, a realm of trial for conscious beings where they can act freely, is too small for His Justice to manifest itself thoroughly, the All-Just, All-Wise One with absolute Beauty, Grace, and Glory must have at His disposal an eternal Paradise and permanent Hell.
  • Has infinite Munificence and Generosity, and treasuries of blessings and favor. Among these are suns replete with light and trees full of fruit. This infinite Generosity and Wealth demand an eternal realm of feasting and the permanent existence of those who are in need. An infinite generosity requires an infinite bestowal of favor that, in turn, demands the perpetual existence of those who will be favored and return it by giving thanks. Otherwise, returning that perpetual favor would be restricted to each individual’s limited life-span.
  • Has secret Perfections. His miraculous works of Perfections must be manifested for appreciative observers. Perpetual perfection requires perpetual manifestation and the existence of appreciative observers. Perfection loses its value in the view of observers condemned to eternal extinction.
  • Has a peerless, transcendent Beauty. Each Name is perfectly beautiful due to this Beauty’s radiations. How can we grasp such Beauty? Earth, one of His “solid” mirrors of ever-changing scenes displayed annually and seasonally, as well as at every moment, is but a shadow of a few radiations of that Beauty, and spring is only one of its flowers.
  • A perfectly beautiful One must desire that His beauty be seen by Himself and others. He desires the existence of “mirrors” to reflect His beauty, and of lovers to show part of His admired grace. Eternal grace and beauty require eternal lovers and admirers. Since one feels enmity toward that which cannot be attained or comprehend, the love of an ephemeral lover for an eternal beauty turns into enmity. Therefore, just as this world requires the existence of a Maker, the Maker demands the existence of an eternal realm.


Further reflections


This world’s Owner has such mercy and affection that He helps those who ask and answers those who pray to and take refuge in Him. He fulfills the smallest need on time, hears the softest voice of His most secret creatures, and complies with its request.

When one considers how infants and the weak are cared and provided for, one will see the Divine Mercy and Affection clearly. Thus this Mercy united with Generosity requires that the greatest need of His greatest and most beloved servant be met, especially if it is the need expressed, either in words or action, by all conscious beings. This is especially true if meeting that need will enable them to reach their highest potential, and refusing to meet it may cause them to fall so low that they cannot rise again; if that need is presented through all Divine Names manifested in the universe, such that these Names may intercede with the One called by them to meet that need in an instant; and if His most beloved servant asks in a most humble and acceptable manner and in a way that makes him loved. Those who accept his leadership, among whom are the Prophets, saints, and pure, exacting scholars, say “Amen” to his prayer and ask their Munificent Lord for Paradise, eternity, eternal happiness, and approval.

In such a case, the all-encompassing Divine Mercy fulfills the request, for not to do so would be unjust. This beloved person, the center or pivot of witnessing and having others witness (the Existence, Unity, and acts of) the Eternal Witness, is a Messenger who reveals to humanity the mystery of creation, Divine Unity amidst multiplicity, and how to attain eternal happiness in Paradise. Through his servanthood, He unveils the treasuries of Mercy, reflects the beauty of the Divine Lordship, and serves as the means of eternal happiness and the existence of Paradise.

If there were no other reason for Paradise to exist, this beloved one’s request would suffice for the All-Generous One’s generosity, Who every spring creates richly ornamented gardens resembling gardens of Paradise, to create it. For Him, creating Paradise is as easy as creating paradisiacal gardens on Earth. The one about whom was declared: “But for you, I would not have created the worlds,” deserves to be addressed with: “Had there been nothing but your prayer, I would have created Paradise for your sake.”


O God! Bestow blessings and peace on that beloved one, the lord of the two worlds, the pride of creation, the life of the two realms, the means of happiness in both worlds, who has the principles of a happy life in both worlds, the Messenger to both humanity and jinn, and on his Family, Companions, and fellow Messengers and Prophets. Amen.


  • There must be permanent castles, everlasting mansions, and open treasuries filled with the originals of the samples seen here, where the eternal Sovereignty’s full magnificence is shown

Think of how this world’s Owner, as may be concluded from His control of it as well as His subjugation of suns and moons, trees and rivers, and so on, enjoys a magnificent sovereignty in His awesome Lordship. However, as this abode is continually transformed and headed for destruction, it resembles a guest-house filled and emptied daily, an incessantly changing arena of trial, a place to exhibit models of its Owner’s marvels and samples of His bounties. Its temporary inhabitants are on a continuous journey, and thus can stay only as long as they receive answers to their questions. As they may be told to depart at any time, there must be permanent castles, everlasting mansions, and open treasuries filled with the originals, where the eternal Sovereignty’s full magnificence is displayed.

Suppose you come across a splendid guest-house that a benevolent ruler has built and richly decorated for travelers to stay in for only one night. You see that most of the decorations are samples, that visitors can taste only the food offered, that everything happening inside is recorded, and that the decorations are changed daily. You will conclude that its owner has limitless wealth and infinite generosity, and that it was built for a fixed period to arouse a yearning for the boundless and inexhaustible banquets prepared for all travelers in his permanent mansions.

A true human being understands that this world was not created for its own sake and is not an end in itself, but rather a realm filled through birth and emptied through death. The Munificent Lord invites its inhabitants to the realm of happiness. Its decorations provide only temporary pleasure, and are replaced by pain upon their disappearance, to sharpen one’s appetite [for the originals]. They cannot satisfy this appetite, because both they and those enjoying them exist only for a short time. They are offered so that the travelers will reflect, give thanks, and yearn for the eternal originals.

These decorations are only samples of the bounties stored by the All-Merciful for believers in gardens of Paradise. These transient things were not created for eternal extinction, but have been assembled here to be copied with their forms, meanings, and consequences of their existence. Everlasting scenes will be woven from them for the people of eternity, or the One Who subjects them to incessant transformations will make from them whatever He wills in the eternal world.


  • Memories of conscious beings and the seeds of plants point to the Resurrection and the afterlife

Here is another proof that they are for eternal existence and not for eternal extinction, that their apparent decay or extinction means the end of their tasks here or their discharge from their worldly duties. Consider a flower, a “word” of Divine Power that looks at us for a very short time and then goes away. Think of it as a spoken word that, by God’s permission, goes to thousands of ears and whose meanings are understood by numerous intellects. When the flower dies, it entrusts itself to the memories of those who have seen it, and its forms and meanings to its seeds. Thus the memory of those who saw it and each seed becomes like a record preserving the decorations of its forms and a place for its permanence. This can be done until beings with eternal spirit are reached.


  • The Owner of this world is the All-Preserving

People have not been left to do whatever they want. Rather, their words and acts are recorded, and their consequences are preserved for a final reckoning. The Maker’s autumnal destruction of spring’s beautiful things means their discharge from their duties and makes room for new things to perform their duties. It is also a warning for the heedless that the Maker of this world is the All-Knowing and Eternal, Who drives and urges His servants to Him, and Who has prepared for them things beyond their imagination.

Reflect on the reality that the Owner of this world is the All-Preserving. He misses nothing, and records and preserves everything in a manifest book. The balance, order, harmony, and measure seen in the world are but a few lines of this book. Those who complete their life (and therefore their duties) and depart from the visible, material world carry their entire life on preserved tablets and their deeds preserved in their results. The Creator keeps them in various “mirrors” in the visible and unseen worlds. It is as if many things have been charged with recording whatever we do, how we behave toward the living and non-living entities with which we have some relation.

Look at our memories, the fruits of trees, and the seeds of fruits and flowers, so that you may understand the comprehensiveness of the law of recording and preserving. The Owner of these creatures is infinitely careful about His activities of Sovereignty, and records whatever happens in His Kingdom. Everything is so perfectly ordered and measured in His Lordship that He records (or has recorded) the most insignificant event and [His servants’] least service. Such recording and preserving require an eventual reckoning. This is especially true for the comprehensive acts done by humanity, the noblest and most honorable of creatures, who witnesses all acts of Divine Lordship, heralds Divine Unity in the realm of multiplicity, and observes the glorification of creatures. Due to this and innumerable other virtues, we have been honored with the Divine Trust—the human self distinguished with free will, knowledge, speech, and the Divine religion—and God’s vicegerency on Earth.


  • The honor and distinction conferred on human beings require their deeds to be recorded and preserved

This honor and distinction does not exempt us from being called to account. Does humanity think that it will be left to roam at will, that it will be left uncontrolled? (75:36). Each person will be called to account for even the smallest act in the Place of Supreme Gathering and the eternal world. Destroying the world, raising the dead, and assembling them for judgment in the Place of Gathering are as easy for the Divine Power as creating spring and autumn. All past happenings, which are miracles of His Power, testify that He can do whatever He wills and promises to do in the future.

This world’s Owner and Ruler has promised repeatedly to create something of infinite importance for His creatures and servants. Breaking a promise would contradict His Power’s dignity and glory and His Lordship’s mercy, for such an act comes from ignorance, inability, or impotence, all of which cannot exist in One with absolute Knowledge and Power. Building the other world through many revolutions and with all of its Gardens is as easy for Him as creating spring with all of its gardens and transformations. His promise has been agreed upon and affirmed by all Prophets and the consensus of all purified, exacting scholars. Hear the strength of His promise: God—there is no god but He. He will gather you to the Resurrection Day, about which there is no doubt. Who is truer in tidings than God? (4:87). But those who do not confirm the word of Him Whose truthfulness is confirmed by all creatures, and is affirmed by the universe through its articulate signs, must be relying on illusions, lying, and Satan’s deceiving words and falsehoods. We seek refuge in God from being left without a true helper, and from the evils of the carnal self and Satan.


  • The Lordship and Sovereignty observed in this fleeting world point to the everlasting world

Here, we observe the manifestations of a magnificent, eternal Lordship and the works of a permanent and splendid Sovereignty. Consider the grandeur of this Lordship’s Owner. He causes the ever-changing Earth, which submits to Him, to die and then brings it back to life, manages, and directs it. He manages the sun and its satellites, all of which are subjugated to His Power, and moves the whole sun-centered system.

This magnificent eternal Lordship and comprehensive perpetual Sovereignty, which amazes intellects through its awesome acts, cannot be confined to the ever-changing momentary affairs related to this changeable, transient world. Among the pavilions of this Lordship, this world is but an arena of trial, a place of exhibition. It will be destroyed at an appointed time, and then reformed into the foundation of the everlasting palaces to which its inhabitants will be transferred.

The Lord of this changeable, transient world has prepared another, perpetual world. Those with enlightened intellects, illumined hearts, and illuminating spirits, who have discovered the inner reality of creation and things and thus acquired nearness to the All-Glorified God, have informed us that God Almighty has prepared an abode of reward for the obedient and an abode of punishment for the rebellious. He has promised and warned of these abodes, and does not break His promise or cancel His warning. In addition to the Prophets, saints, and purified, exacting scholars who have related this information to us, experts in these matters agree that this information, which is corroborated by the universe’s signs, is true. Can there be any other information truer than this?


Samples of the Resurrection displayed in the world


This world’s Owner continually displays many samples of the Place of Supreme Gathering in this narrow, transient Earth. Reflect upon Earth’s quickening in every “resurrection” of spring, during which countless instances of resurrection occur with perfect order within a short period, say about 6 days. See how innumerable plants and animals, while lying dead or almost dead, and either on or under the soil and mixed with each other, are revived with perfect distinction. How can anything tire the One who does this? Why should He be unable to create the heavens and Earth in “6 days?” Why should the resurrection of the dead not take place in the twinkling of an eye?


  • Whatever happens in the world is not an end in itself

The One Who writes countless books on a single page—the face of Earth, without any confusion or mistake, obviously can rewrite a book that He wrote before and destroyed. To understand the intended meaning, reflect on: Look at the imprints of God’s Mercy, how He gives life to Earth after its death; He revives the dead, and He is powerful over everything (30:50).

All such acts required by His being the All-Merciful and All-Powerful Lord of creation show that these happenings (gatherings and separations) are not ends in themselves. There is no acceptable, reasonable relation between these important “festivals” and ceremonies and their particular, impermanent consequences within such a short, limited time. Therefore they are only copies to be preserved with their consequences, so that they can serve as the basis for what is to occur in the Place of Supreme Gathering, and so that these fleeting things should yield perpetual forms, everlasting fruits, and eternal meanings. So, this world is no more than an arable field to plant for harvesting on the Day of Resurrection, a store that will be emptied into Paradise and Hell.


  • Wisdom, Favor, Mercy, and Justice require the afterlife

Consider how the Eternal Lord and Everlasting Monarch displays the works and traces of His Wisdom, Favor, Justice, and Mercy in this transient world. He does so to the degree that anyone with open eyes and an unsealed heart must conclude that there can be no wisdom more perfect than His, no favor more gracious than His, no mercy more comprehensive than His, and no justice more glorified than His. All these works and traces may be the means for manifesting the truths of this Wisdom, Favor, Mercy, and Justice.

If His Kingdom contained no permanent lofty mansions with everlasting inhabitants, His Wisdom, Favor, Mercy, and Justice would have to be denied. This also would require us to accept that the One Who does all these things originating in His Wisdom, Mercy, Favor, and Justice is—God forbid such a thought!—a capricious trickster and a heartless tyrant. We would have to turn truths into their opposites, an act that those with sound reasoning (excluding those, like the sophists, who deny the existence of everything, including themselves) say is impossible.


* * *


Arguments for the Resurrection are not limited to those given above. The Qur’an points to innumerable indications of it; states that our Creator will transfer us from this ephemeral place of exhibition to the seat of His everlasting Lordship; and gives countless signs that He will change this fleeting, transitory realm for the perpetual one. Also, the Divine Names requiring the Resurrection and the next life are not restricted to the All-Wise, All-Munificent, All-Compassionate, All-Just, and All-Preserving, for all Names manifested in the universe’s administration demand it.

In sum: The fact of the Resurrection is agreed upon by the All-Glorified One through His Grace, Beauty, Majesty, and all other Names; by the Qur’an, which contains all books of the Prophets; by Prophet Muhammad, the most perfect member of creation and the one who bears the meaning of the consensus of the Messengers, Prophets, discoverers of hidden realities behind things and events; by the saints and purified, exacting scholars, and truthful ones, who all have purified, exalted, and illuminating spirits; and by the universe with all of its signs.

All things in the universe, without exception, have two aspects. The first one is related to their Creator and has numerous “tongues,” all of which testify to Divine Oneness. The second one is connected with each item’s final purpose and the Hereafter, and has many God-given “tongues” that bear witness to the other world and the Last Day. For example, just as your existence as the best pattern of creation points to the necessary existence and Oneness of your Maker, your rapid decline despite a very comprehensive capacity, great talents, and ungratified desires for a happy eternal life points to the Hereafter.

Divine Wisdom, Divine Favor’s all-inclusive decoration and provision, His Mercy’s all-encompassing benevolence, and His overall Justice and comprehensive and meticulous Preservation establish the universal order. These point to the All-Wise, All-Munificent, All-Compassionate, All-Just, and All-Preserving Maker, and demonstrate the truth of the afterlife, the Hour’s near and imminent coming, and the realization of eternal happiness.


O God, include us among the people of eternal happiness. Resurrect and gather us among the group of the eternally happy, prosperous ones. Through the intercession of Your chosen Prophet, admit us to Paradise in the company of the purified, virtuous ones. Bestow blessings and peace on Your chosen Prophet and his Family as befits Your Compassion and deserved by his being a holy, respectable one, and keep us and our religion in peace and security. Amen. All praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.


To conclude:


  • Naturalism and dogmatic adherence to causality close the door of thanksgiving [to the Creator] and lead to associating partners with Him.
  • Everything has two aspects: its sensed, physical form or body determined by its assigned functions and purposes, and its immaterial aspect, composed of all forms it will assume during its life-span.
  • Only God can clothe everything in their proper garments.
  • The relationship of a member of a species with its particular species, that species’ relationship with all other species, and all species’ relation with all other species, despite time and distance, manifest the existence and Oneness of an All-Knowing, All-Willing, All-Powerful, and All-Wise Creator.
  • Just as the sun has to diffuse light, so God manifests Himself by sending
  • Messengers.
  • The Almighty’s infinite Justice, Munificence, Mercy, Grace, Generosity, Dignity, Majesty, Recording, and Preserving require the founding of a new, eternal world where everyone will see the consequences of what they did in this world.
  • In sum: The truth of the Resurrection is agreed upon by God and His Names, the Qur’an, the saints and the purified and exacting scholars, and by the Prophet.


Said Nursi

32 Since there is a mutual relationship among the six pillars of belief (belief in God’s Existence and Unity, Prophethood, Divine Scriptures, angels, the Resurrection, and Destiny) in a way one requiring the other, and since the Mathnawi al-Nuriya consists of booklets written at different times, and since the writer’s aim is to guide people to belief, repetition is inevitable. There are similar repetitions in the Qur’an. You will see the reasons for this in the coming pages. (Tr.)