Part five



All 124,000 Prophets, the elect of humanity, have reported that the Hereafter exists and that all beings will be taken there, just as the Creator has promised. These reports are based on their direct vision and absolute conviction. Millions of saints confirm these reports based on their knowledge and their unveiling and experiencing of (hidden truths), and testify to the existence of the Hereafter.

All Names of the universe’s All-Wise Maker require the existence of an eternal realm through their manifestations displayed in this world. In addition, the Hereafter’s existence is required for the following reasons:

  • The infinite Eternal Power, which each spring revives countless dead trees and different plant and animal species (all “specimens” of the ultimate Resurrection) with “Be!” and it is, thereby making them images of the Resurrection, requires it.
  • The limitless Everlasting Wisdom’s attention to the least detail over an infinite extent requires it.
  • The Eternal Mercy and Permanent Favoring that sustain, with perfect caring and in a wonderful fashion, all animate beings in need of provision, and that display each spring an infinite diversity of adornment and beauty within a short period, require it.
  • Our ardent, irremovable, and persistent love of eternity, our longing for immortality, our desire for permanence, and the facts that we are the most beloved of God’s creatures and are more concerned with creation than any other being require it.

From this we can understand that the existence of an eternal Hereafter, including a Realm of Happiness, is evidently shown and firmly established. This is proven so effectively that we must accept it, just as we accept this world’s existence.42

Belief in the Hereafter is one of the most important lessons taught by the Wise Qur’an. It is so firm and contains such a powerful hope and consolation that it will console an elderly person. Saying: “Praise be to God for the perfection of belief,” we, the elderly, should rejoice in our old age.


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

42 It may be realized from this part how easy it is to report an already existing thing or clear fact and how hard it is to deny it. For example, if someone says: “Somewhere on this Earth is a wonderful garden that provides “canned” milk— all kinds of fruit—and others dispute this, the first person only has to show the garden or some of its produce. Deniers, however, must inspect and display the whole world to justify their negation. Similarly, the testimony of two truthful witnesses (such as Prophets or saints) establishes Paradise’s existence, even if we do not consider the many signs and indications demonstrated by others who assert its existence. Deniers must examine, explore, and sift the infinite cosmos and travel throughout infinite and eternal time before they can prove Paradise’s non-existence. Therefore, my friends, understand how secure and sound it is to believe in the Hereafter.