Third aspect:


Third  aspect: According to No soul bears and is made to bear the burden of another (6:164), which expresses absolute justice, nurturing rancor and enmity for believers is like condemning all of their innocent attributes on account of one criminal attribute—a very great injustice indeed! If you extend your enmity to their relatives, you are the object of the verse People are much given to wrongdoing (14:34). Since truth and Islam’s law and wisdom warn you against such a great injustice, how can you consider yourself to be right?

In the view of truth, the forms of evil that arouse enmity are in themselves evil, and they are dense like earth. They should not infect or be passed on to others. But if others see those who commit them and imitate them, it becomes a different matter entirely. [For such people do so more from their own inclination toward such evils than to those evils’ effective powers.] In contrast, good actions and qualities that give rise to love are luminous like love itself, and are by nature transmittable. This is why we have such proverbs as, “The friend of a friend is a friend” and “Many eyes are loved for the sake of one eye.”

So, O unjust ones! Consider how great an offense it is to harbor enmity toward innocent fellow believers who are worthy of love, or toward their relatives because you do not like individual believers.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi