The second luminous aspect of God’s sufficiency


At a time when old age, exile, solitude, and isolation were added to my endless impotence in nature, when “the worldly” were attacking me with their schemes and spies, I told my heart, “Armies are attacking a single man whose hands are tied, and who is ill and weak. Is there not a point of support for me?” I had recourse to the verse, God is sufficient for us; how excellent a Guardian He is, and it informed me of the following:

Through the document of belief you become connected to such a Ruler of Absolute Power that every spring He equips in perfect order all the armies of plants and animals on the earth, which is composed of hundreds of thousands of different nations. In addition, as the All-Merciful, He places in tiny protective cases the sustenance of all animals and humans in the form of the extracts of all kinds of foods, which we call seeds and grains and which may be likened to the meat, sugar and other food extracts discovered recently, but a hundred times more perfect than them. He includes in those extracts the instructions of Divine Destiny concerning their growth and development into edible foods. The creation of those tiny cases and their growth into elaborate tables of food take place with such speed, ease, and abundance in the factory of Kâf–Nûn, forming the command of “Kun! [Be!],” that the Qur’an states that the Creator merely commands and it comes into being.22 Since you have such support through the connection to Him enabled by the document of belief, you can rely on an infinite strength and power. As I learned this lesson from the verse, I found such a moral strength that I felt I had enough power of belief to challenge not only my present enemies, but the entire world. With all my spirit I proclaimed, “God is sufficient for us; how excellent a Guardian He is!”

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

22 The writer refers to the verse, When He wills a thing to be, He but says to it “Be!” and it is (36:82). (Tr.)