The first luminous aspect of God’s sufficiency


My innate love of permanence, which essentially arises from a manifestation in my being of a Name of the One of Perfection and Majesty, Who is naturally loved because of His absolute Perfection, and which should therefore have been directed towards the Essence, Perfection, and Permanence of that Absolutely Perfect One, had lost its way and become attached to the shadow due to heedlessness. It had sought the permanence of the worldly life, which is nothing more than a transitory mirror of what is essentially eternal.

Then the Qur’anic statement, God is sufficient for us, came and lifted up the veil. I observed and felt and experienced with the degree of “absolute certainty” that the true pleasure and happiness of my permanence lay accurately and in more perfect form in the Permanence of the Everlasting One of Perfection and in believing and confirming that He is my Lord and Deity. The proofs for this have been explained in the Fourth Ray (included in The Rays), the treatise on the verse God is sufficient for us, in twelve consecutive paragraphs in a fine, profound way.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi