Second Table


(This table describes the true spirit of the world of the people of guidance and peace.)


Heedlessness has disappeared;

I have seen the light of Truth to be manifest.

Existence is a proof of Divine Being.

See, life is the mirror reflecting Truth.

Intellect has become the key to treasuries.

See, mortality is the door to eternity.

The spark of self-attainment has died.

But see, there is the Sun of Grace and Beauty.

Life has become pure action.

See, eternity is pure life.

Darkness is a thin membrane enclosing light.

See, there is true life in death.

All things have become familiar.

See, all sounds are the recitation of Divine Names.

All the particles in creation:

See, each recites God’s Names and glorifies Him.

I have found poverty to be a treasury of wealth.

See, in impotence lies perfect power.

If you have found God,

see, all things are yours.

If you are a servant of the Owner of All Things,

see His property is yours.

If you are egotist and claim self-ownership,

it is endless trial and tribulation.

It is infinite torment you are to experience,

it is an unbearable calamity.

If you are truly a servant of God, devoted to Him,

see, it is an infinite delight.

Taste its uncountable rewards,

experience its boundless bliss...


Glory be to You. We have no knowledge save what You have taught us. Truly, you are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. O my Lord, relieve my mind and ease my task. Loosen a knot from my tongue so they may understand my speech.

O God, bestow peace and blessings on Muhammad, his pure, unique essence, who is the light revealing all the mysteries, the manifestation of light, the point upon which manifestations of God’s Majesty are centered, the pivot around which the world of His Grace and Beauty revolves.

O God, for the mystery of him in his relation to You, and for his journeying toward You, secure me from my fears, protect me from falling, diminish my sorrows, and purify me of my passions. Be with me, take me away from myself unto You, and favor me with effacement from myself. Do not leave me obsessed with myself, veiled by my feelings. Unveil to me every mystery.

O Eternally Living and Self-Sustaining, O Eternally Living and Self-Sustaining, O Eternally Living and Self-Sustaining. Have mercy upon me and my companions. Have mercy upon all believers and all the people of the Qur’an. Amin, O Most Compassionate of the Compassionate, O Most Generous of the Generous.

The conclusion of their call will be: “All praise is due to God, the Lord of all the worlds.”


Said Nursi