An Advice to prisoners



In His Name, All-Glorified is He.

There is not a thing but it glorifies Him with praise.

Upon you be peace and His mercy and blessing everlastingly!


My friends in prison and brothers and sisters in religion!

I will explain a truth that will save you from torment here and in the Hereafter. Imagine that someone killed your sibling or relative. One minute of satisfaction derived from revenge will cause uncountable minutes of distress and imprisonment, and the fear of retaliation and the anxiety of always being pursued will drive all pleasure and enjoyment out of life. Thus you will suffer both fear and vexation. The only solution is the reconciliation which the Qur’an and right, truth, humanity, and Muslimness encourage.

Right, truth, and mutual advantage require reconciliation. As each one’s death comes at its fixed time, the victim would not have lived any longer anyway. God’s decree was executed via the murderer. Unless they are reconciled, both parties will continue to suffer from fear and vindictiveness. This is why Islam says that a believer should not be angry or hold a grudge against another believer for more than three days.

If the murder was not the result of a grudge or enmity, and a hypocritical one instigated it, the parties must make peace without delay so that this minor disaster will not grow and persist. If they do so, and the murderer repents and prays continually for the victim, both parties gain and become like siblings. In compensation for a lost family member, they gain several new ones. Submitting to the Divine Destiny and Decree, they abandon enmity. Especially if they have taken part in the Risale-i Nur’s teachings, individual and collective peace and brotherhood in the Risale-i Nur’s circle require that they put aside all grudges.

In Denizli prison, all prisoners who had been enemies became brothers via the Risale-i Nur. This was one of the reasons for our acquittal. Even the irreligious criminals said about us: “How wonderful! How blessed they are!” All prisoners began going out for fresh air. However, I have seen here that a hundred men suffer because of one man, and do not go out to enjoy the fresh air together. Believers with sound consciences do not harm other believers because of some insignificant and minor error or advantage. If they make a mistake and cause harm, they should repent immediately.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi