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Existence of Angels


Reality and wisdom require that, just as the earth does, the heavens should also have inhabitants of their own. In the language of Islam, those inhabitants of various kinds are called angels.

Indeed, reality requires it to be so, for despite its small size and relative insignificance, the earth is being alternately filled with living and conscious beings, then emptied of them, then replenished again. This suggests–rather, it shows evidently–that the heavens too, which have magnificent constellations and are like decorated palaces, must also be filled with conscious and percipient beings. Like men and jinn, those beings too are spectators of the palace of the world, students of the book of the universe, and heralds of the sovereignty of Divine Lordship. For its Lord has embellished and ornamented the universe with innumerable decorations, beauties, and inscriptions, and this evidently requires the existence of contemplative and appreciative eyes that will observe and be delighted. Certainly, beauty requires a lover, and food is given to the hungry. Men and jinn are able to perform only a millionth of this boundless duty, this glorious viewing, and this comprehensive worship. This means that countless sorts of angels and spirit beings are necessary to perform these infinite and diverse duties and acts of worship.

Some prophetic traditions suggest, and the wisdom in the order of the universe indicates, that certain kinds of moving bodies, from planets to drops of rain, are the transports of some kinds of angels. They mount them by God’s permission and tour and view the visible, material world. Also, it may be said that certain kinds of animal bodies, from the birds of Paradise called ‘the green birds’ in a hadith, to flies, are the ‘aircraft’ for one kind of spirits. They enter them by God’s command, look round the physical world, and observe the miracles of creation through the windows of the senses of those bodies.

The Creator Who continuously creates subtle life and enlightened, percipient beings from dense earth and turbid water, must certainly have created conscious beings from light and even from darkness who are worthier to have a higher life and spirit, and created them in great abundance.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.