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Where is the Supreme Place of Mustering?


True knowledge of everything is with God.

The sublime wisdom which the Wise Creator displays in everything (by attaching many instances of wisdom to a single small thing) is also manifested in the revolution of the earth: it does not revolve aimlessly, rather, it draws the periphery of a huge circle into which, through its revolution, it continually empties the outcomes of all events that have occurred within it. On the Day of Judgment, everyone will see the outcome of his whole life.

This huge circle drawn by the earth through its revolution will, according to a Prophetic tradition, be centered on the area of Damascus but in its expanded form in accordance with the dimensions of the Hereafter. The outcome of all events on the earth is continually transferred to the registers or tablets of the Place of Mustering, which is yet behind the veil of the Unseen, and it will be visible on the Day of Judgment to the inhabitants of the earth in their forms peculiar to the Hereafter. The earth, as a field (of seeds to grow and be harvested for the Mustering) or as a stream (which carries forward the deeds of mankind) or a measure of grain, a bushel (which measures and empties the outcome of the deeds of mankind), will have produced by the end of time enough quantities to fill up that great Place of Mustering. The earth functions as a seed, from which the Place of Mustering will be growing, like a tree, with all its content. Just as a radiant dot becomes a radiant circle by being spun fast, so, too, the earth, so small as a dot when compared with the greatness of the universe, is a means, through its rapid and purposeful movement and with the outcome of its life, for the formation of the Place of Mustering.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.