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From What Other Perspectives Can the Final Destruction of the World and the Afterlife Be Established?


Questions coming to mind concerning the Resurrection

If one were to claim that a city or a palace will be destroyed and then reconstructed firmly, one would be asked the following six questions:

  • Why will it be destroyed? Is there something necessary about its destruction?
  • Is he who will destroy it, and the builder who will re-build it, capable of doing this?
  • Is the destruction of the city or palace possible?
  • If it is possible, will it really be destroyed?
  • Is the rebuilding of that city or palace possible?
  • If possible, will it actually be rebuilt?

The world is the equivalent of a palace, and the whole universe of a city, which are liable to destruction, and there is a necessary cause for their destruction. He Who will destroy and rebuild them is capable of that, and it will certainly take place, and they will surely be rebuilt.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.