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A Weeping Heart at Daybreak


The breeze of Divine manifestations blows at daybreak;

Wake up, O my eyes, at daybreak!

Seek help from the Court of God..

Dawn is the time when the sinful seek forgiveness.

Awake, O my heart, at daybreak,

Repent and seek forgiveness from the Court of God!


Daybreak is a kind of resurrection when every being is awake and busy with the glorification of God. When will you, O my foolish soul, awake from the sleep of heedlessness? Life is a limited period and every living being is on a journey to the grave. Perform the prescribed prayer and supplicate to Him like a plaintive flute, and say:

O Lord! I am repentant and ashamed of my innumerable sins. I am wretched and abased and tearful and restless with life. I am exiled and lonely, weak and impotent, old and ill, and I have no choices at all. I beg for Your Mercy and forgiveness, and I cry for help from Your Court, O God!


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.