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What is the Meaning of the Human Life?


The meaning of your life is this: It is a mirror to reflect the Divine manifestation of Divine Oneness and the Divine manifestation as the Eternally-Besought-of-All. That is, through a comprehensiveness as the point of focus for all the Divine Names manifested in the entire world, it functions as a mirror to the Single and Eternally-Besought One. As for the perfection of your life in happiness, it is to perceive the lights of the Eternal Sun pictured in the mirror of your life, and to love them. It is to display ardor for Him as a conscious being. It is to be enraptured with love of Him. It is to establish the reflection of His Light in the center of your heart. It is because of this that, as the meaning of a hadith qudsi, which expresses your rank among the highest of the high, it is said:

(God said):

“I am not contained in the heavens and earth, but I am contained in the heart of the believer.”

So, O my selfhood! While your life is for the realization of such sublime aims and potentially has such priceless treasures, is it at all right and reasonable that you should waste it by spending it on gratifying fleeting carnal desires and seeking transient worldly pleasures? If you want not to waste it, reflect on the oaths and the following truths in the verses below, which allude to the parable and truths above, and act accordingly:

By the sun and its morning brightness; by the moon when it follows it; by the day when it reveals it; by the night when it enshrouds it; by the heaven and Him Who built it; by the earth and Him Who spread it; by the soul and Him Who perfected it, and inspired it (with conscience) of what is wrong for it and what is right for it. He is indeed prosperous who purifies it, and he has indeed failed who stunts it.

O God! Bestow blessings and peace on the sun of the sky of Messengership and the moon of the constellation of Prophethood, and on his family and Companions who are the stars of guidance, and have mercy on us and have mercy on believing men and believing women. Amen! Amen! Amen!


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.