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Does Humanity Have Both Angelic and Satanic Aspects?


Angels stand for the good aspect of humanity, while Satan represents the bad one

Angels are purely spirit beings that stand for the purely good aspect in existence, while Satan and his descendants represent the purely evil aspect. God is One and Infinite, without opposite. All other beings and existents have an opposite. Since we have two opposite aspects in our nature, one inclined toward good and the other toward evil, angels represent this good aspect while Satan represents the evil one. Angels invite us to our purely spiritual or “angelic” aspect, while Satan tries to seduce us through tempting us to do evil. The resulting struggle in each individual, and in the universe as a whole, has been ongoing since the beginning of existence. Everyone feels a stimulus toward good and evil at the same time. The former comes from the angels or our unpolluted spirit; the latter comes from Satan collaborating with our carnal self, which represents our animal aspect.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.