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What gifts can we send to the spirit after death?


Spirits in the intermediate world will see and hear us, provided God allows this. If He does, He may permit some saintly people to see, and hear, and communicate with us.

Our account is not closed after we die. If we leave behind good, virtuous children, books or institutions from which people continue to benefit, or if we have raised or contributed to raising those who benefit others, our reward continues to increase. If we leave evil behind, our sins continue to multiply as long as our evil continues to harm others. Therefore, if we want to help our beloved ones who have gone to the other world, we should do good deeds. If we help the poor, take part in Islamic services, lead a good and virtuous life, and especially spend to promote Islam and the good of Muslims and humanity at large, we will cause their reward to increase.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.