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Zubeyir Gunduzalp


By Ersan Akyuz


Zubeyir Gunuzalp was born in 1920 in Ermenek, which is a town in Konya, Turkey. He worked in the postal service for many years. He was a very dedicated student of the Risale-i Nur. His dedication to the service and to convey the message of the Qur’an took him from Konya, Emirdag and Isparta, just to name a few cities. He was present at the passing away of Ustad Nursi in Urfa, in which he resided there for several years.

His first visit to Ustad was in 1946, in Emirdag. He was so excited to meet Ustad Nursi, that he could not hold his tears. Ustad had asked him why he was crying and held him to his chest and offered a supplication. Zubeyir wiped his tears away and wanted to leave his postal service job and become a servant for the service of the Quran. Said Nursi appreciated his requested and asked him to continue his job as there was plenty service to be done for the hizmet in Konya. Ustad also said: “When the time is right, I will ask you to join me.”

Zubeyir Gunduzalp is an inspiration to the Nur community. The letters he has written and his words of wisdom are read by Nur students all around the world. He has also some books published such as “Altin prensibler” (Golden Principles), “Yolumuzu Aydinlatan Isik” (The Light which Enlightens our Path), “Nur Bahcesinden Cicekler” (Flowers from the Garden of Nur), & “Guzel Goren Guzel Dusunur” (To Gaze Beautifully Causes You To Think Beautifully).