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Why Said Nursi wrote The Words


As always, his first and foremost concern is to prove God’s Existence and Unity, bodily Resurrection, the Day of Judgment, and the validity of the Qur’an and Muhammad’s Prophethood with a holistic view of life, nature and religion, and by being able to present the physical truths with the sociological ones and those pertaining to the spiritual life of people. He is also based on what the West considers “rational” thought, meaning science, observation, and logic. He chose this path after realizing the futility of approaching new generations who were being educated according to the Western paradigm that considers religion irrational and hostile to real knowledge, progress, and development. Thus, unlike many religious leaders, he learned how to discuss with such people within the scientific context that formed their worldview.

His next major concern is to show that religious and scientific knowledge are not contradictory and mutually exclusive. In all of his writings we notice the same approach: direct observation of events in nature and what can be inferred or stated from such study, beginning with a hypothesis and seeking to support it by using scientific logic and reasoning to counter the arguments of those opposed to it, and testing the hypothesis in the real world to see if it is accurate or needs to be refined. However, while doing that, he never neglects showing the counterpart in human conscience and heart of what he finds in nature. For him humanity, nature or the universe and the Qur’an are three books containing the same meaning, pointing to the same cardinal truth ­God’s Existence and Unity - but made up of three different material. Is this not the exact approach used by scientists seeking to understand the multifaceted aspects of creation?