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Is the Gulen movement continuation of the Nur movement?

By www.gulenmovement.us

The general public or some official or unofficial segments of the community believe the movement’s nourishment to provide service for the public and for God is inspired by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, or is perceived to be an extension of the Nur movement. However, the Gulen movement is unique and independent with its authentic methods of service, diverse fields of activities, number and variety of its projects, with its institutionalization and global expansion. With its ability to offer a remedy to the social, economical, and cultural issues and with its system ever so evolving and developing so as to address the needs and conditions of the time, the movement is no extension of the Nur movement, Revivalists, or of Milli Gorus. It is not a continuation of any Middle Eastern movement or is similar to anything from that region.

However, spiritual leader of the Gulen movement, Mr. Fethullah Gulen, has always said that he admired Bediuzzaman, inspired by him among some other scholars and he has recommended that Bediuzzaman’s books must be read/studied as they focus on strengthening one’s belief in God and inspires its readers to serve humanity and fight with major problems humanity is facing. The movement stresses that the power of belief can help to solve the social, political, economic, and environmental problems the global family is faced with today.