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Will the Souls that have Gained Permanence through Death be influenced by the Events of Doomsday?


They will be influenced according to their ranks in the similar way that angels are influenced by the destruction of sinners in the demonstration of the anger of God. As the mind and spirit of a man in a hot room are influenced by the sight of someone trembling in the cold outside, so the conscious souls that have gone into eternity will, as indicated by the Qur’an, be affected by the important events of the universe, to which they are somewhat in relation: the people of torment will be affected by them in agony, while the people of happiness in wonder and amazement, and even in a joyful expectation of the coming of the final, endless bliss.

In many verses, the Wise Qur’an threatens mankind (and jinn) with the shock of the events of Doomsday, and emphasizes that all will experience them. But as only those alive at the time of the destruction of the world will experience it physically, the souls whose bodies have, or will have, melted away in graves are also encompassed, to some extent, within this Qur’anic threat.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.