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Can a Relationship Be Established Between the Existence of the Spirit and That of the Creator?


The arguments for the spirit’s existence also point to the Creator’s existence:

  • Just as the body, which God creates from elements, needs the spirit to command and govern it, the universe (and what it contains) needs God to bring it into existence and to command and govern it.
  • Each body has one spirit that makes it alive and governs it. So, there must be a single Lord, without partner, to create and govern the universe. Otherwise, disaster and confusion is inevitable.
  • The spirit is not located in any specific place or part of the body. It may even leave the body and, as in the case of dreams, continue its relation with the body by means of a specific cord attached to the body. Likewise, God Almighty is not contained by time or space. He is always present everywhere and nowhere; the spirit is in the body and is contained by time and space.
  • There is only one sun, and the world is very far from it. However, the sun is present everywhere through its heat and light, and through reflection can even be in every transparent thing. Therefore, it may be said that the sun is nearer to things than things are to themselves. The spirit has the same relation with the body, as well as with all of its separate cells, at the same true. This analogy may help us to understand God’s relation with existence. He controls and directs all things at the same time like a single thing, and although we are infinitely distant from Him, He is nearer to us than we are to ourselves.
  • The spirit is invisible, and its nature is unknown. In the same way, we cannot think of or imagine God as He really is, for His Essence cannot be known. Like the spirit, God Almighty is known through the manifestations of His Names, Attributes, and Essence.


This article has been adapted from Risale- i Nur Collection.