Those who do not value Constitutionalism


QUESTION: Who are those who throw minds into confusion and do not value Constitutionalism?

ANSWER: They are a committee headed by the chieftain of ignorance, the gentleman of obstinacy, the reverend of imitation, and the Monsieur chatter. It is a committee that impairs consultation, which is the source of happiness among humankind. Its members are those who do not abandon a single lira (dollar) for a thousand liras of benefit of the nation, who find their advantage in harming the nation, who make unbalanced and unreasonable interpretations and judgments, who claim to sacrifice themselves for the nation although they always act out of vindictiveness and personal interest and grudges, and whose claim to support autonomy or federation is in fact a first step toward a separate state or principality; they are those whose claim to support a republic is actually a means to establish an absolute despotism, who wish to compensate the little wrong they suffered with punishment and suffering for all people, and who cannot reconcile their own vindictiveness with the freedom and ease of people.

(From Munazarat [“Discussions”])

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi